Under Graduate Programs

After completing higher secondary education, one can apply to the undergraduate courses anywhere in India; it includes the academic programs up to the level of a bachelor degree. There are three years and four year program available. mostly three year programmes are in the field of arts, commerce, science etc. and the 4 year mostly in technology, engineering, pharmaceutical science, agricultural etc.. The possessor of first UG is referred as a graduate. 46 central universities and 339 state, 226 private universities are very much efficient in India to provide better distance courses in any disciplines of knowledge as per the attitude of the aspirant. 156.02 lakh students are under graduating in affiliated colleges as they completing standard graduation which a standard for applying post graduations in abroad varsities. National and international scholarship programs can make useful for better graduation with government assistance for deprived sections of society. Many schemes are ongoing under UGC to promote the candidate of limited social backgrounds. Depending upon the duration of degree courses, the tenure of their scholarship is concerned. for attract young and talented students UGC implemented post graduate merit scholarship for university rank holders in under graduate level. Maulana Azad national fellowship to minority students is a remarkable initiative to enlighten minority education. Integrated five year fellowship in the form of financial assistance to students of minority communities is the objective of the scheme. The fellowship holders under this scheme will be known as MOMA students. Many other valuable scholarships available as meritorious students are available in national level as the career can be built easily as their attitude and approach. So the windows of knowledge are wide open in India, your intention to achieve higher mountains is only matters.

Wisdom Scholership

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In a volatile society, education and guidance are conspicuously considered as the catalysts for social change.